OSIRX is evolving and now focuses on the categorization of used electronic boards!
Today, board collectors/brokers manually sort their boards into big bags, trying to respect the classifications defined by refiners, which is time-consuming and sometimes error-prone.
With OSIRX, everything is simplified: reliable and fast real-time sorting, and adaptation to the classification of the targeted refiner. Thus, the user saves a lot of labor time and therefore significantly reduces his operating costs.

 How does it work?

OSIRX Principle

OSIRX is an analysis intelligence that can be fully integrated into your sorting system. At TDF, if we have succeeded in coding such a fast board classification system, it is because we master our deep learning models from A to Z thanks to our proprietary HAIBAL library, which allows us to achieve never seen performs.

Where is the development today?

We are working on a new OSIRX prototype with analysis conveyor, in order to show the high performance of our technology. Release planned for the end of 2022!

 Does it work on objects other than boards?

Of course, because as we say: “who can do more can do less”. Electronic boards are complex waste that is very difficult to sort in real time on a high-speed belt, but OSIRX does it brilliantly. At TDF, we are therefore able to adapt OSIRX to your sorting needs on objects other than boards. Contact us!