Some Green Washing with OSIRX? Not at all, Green Boosting!

 Ecological potential

See for yourself: with OSIRX, TDF is seeking to boost the electronic board recycling market, a virtuous source of strategic metals. When we know how much the mining of precious metals is an environmental disaster, what could be better than recovering them from our electronic waste?

Economic potential

In addition, the benefit is not only ecological but also economical! We at TDF estimate that each year, our consumer society produces 800K tonnes of electronic boards to be recycled, which represents approximately €7.7 billion of metals to be recovered.

OSIRX Principle

How to go further?

Unfortunately, the WEEE recycling channels do not capture all the electronic waste flows. The capture rate varies by country between 20 and 60% (wide range). Traditionally, these recycling sectors are not very technological. However, at TDF, we are convinced that the future of recycling lies in the qualification of waste streams, which is why OSIRX was born in 2017 and continues to grow and evolve.

Pragmatic idealists, we know very well that we will never achieve the “100% recycled waste”, but with OSIRX, we want to help the recycling sectors (of electronic boards at first then the others) to develop maximum thanks to our OSIRX analysis technology. Get to know your waste better in order to value it better. This is the idea.