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About us



What TDF Is

Technologies de France (TDF) is a controlled and organized whirlwind of technological innovations. Registered in January 2017 and based in Aix-en-Provence, TDF is owned equally by its two founders, Youssef Menjour and Aloïs Lien, and currently has 6 employees.


TDF hq
start up

10+ competitions won and 1 EIP label
Sectors: RX, AI, Imaging and Blockchain

Partners & Customers:
CERN, Airbus, Los Alamos, CNES …

2 determined and experienced leaders
6 competent and passionate employees

Who The Founders Are

Youssef Menjour and Aloïs Lien, co-founders of TDF, are engineers who met over 20 years ago and have had rich and diverse professional experiences.

From their differences was born an original, agile, growing and very creative company.

To Join Us

If you want to participate in the development of our extraordinary projects, show us how you, too, are out of the ordinary. Contact us.